Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Investigating "Utopia" at Long Island University, Humanities Gallery 2009

1: Process work, installation view, Materials: mixed media 2: Process work, Materials: cast sugar, water, found objects, wood, plaster, metal. Size: 6ft x 5ft x 3ft approx. 3: Installation view: Materials: mixed media

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A work from 2004

"Sea of the People" 2004

Plaster, metal, water, live fish.

percolation process piece.

84" x 48" x 24"

image #1: Upper surface

image#2: Underside

Recent Work

#1: "Utopia/Dystopia" 2007.

Mixed media, percolation process.

Detail of installation.

Front work is 12" high by 13" dia.

#2: "Utopia/Dystopia" 2007.

Mixed media. Detail of installation.

#3: "Utopia -Floating City" 2006.

Mixed media inc. sugar and colored water.

16" high by 24" dia.

#4: "Utopia" 2006.

Molded sugar, plaster, mirror.

37" x 24" x 6"

#5: "MacArthur's Park" 2005.

Molded sugar, artificial flowers,

plaster, water, metal.

Detail of work, 75" x 24" x 10"

Saturday, March 8, 2008


#1: "Amish and American Soldiers" 2006

pencil on paper. 20" x 15"

#2: "Cold Wind" 2007

pencil on paper. 20" x 15"

#3 "Kaleidoscope" 2008

pencil on paper. 24" x 18"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Earlier Work

1 "Doll/Trapped" 1995. Life-sized. Air-dried clay, twine, branches, cloth, plastic.

2 "Home Hunter" 1998. Each piece 60"x60"x40" Porcelain, cast iron.

3 "Victoria's Secret" 1999. 138" dia.x 47" high.

4 "Hunger" installation. 2000. Front piece is 82" x40" x35". Mixed media.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My resume

Yoshiko Kanai Selected Resume

Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan. B.A. in Design, 1982, M.F.A. 1984.
Skowhegan Painters and Sculptors School, Maine, U.S.A. 1996

Online links:
www.curatenyc.org   (drawing section)


"CURATE NYC" (www.curatenyc.org) online exhibition, 2010, 2011
                               and Rush Arts Gallery, Chelsea, Oct. 2010
"Light at the end of the Tunnel" Scope Video, Kaserne Basel,
 Basel Art Fair"  Basel Switzerland.   June 2010
"American Story", John-Michael Kohler Art Center, Kohler, Wisconsin, June-Dec. 2009
"Listen to Utopia" (solo show)  Spaces, Cleveland, Ohio,
 March-April 2009
"Investigating Utopia (solo show)  Humanities Gallery,
 Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY,  Mar. 2009
"Beyond A Gift of Time",  Roswell Museum and Art Center,
 Roswell, N.M.  May 2007-Jan 2008
"Sugar Buzz"  Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, N.Y. 2007
"Topographic" Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2005
"Until Tears Will Be Dried Up". Hanoi Contemporary Art Center, Hanoi, Vietnam. 2003
"Sugar Table-Communication III" International Artist’s Village, Taipei, Taiwan, 2002
"Sugar Table-Communication III" Kia-a-thau Artist’s Village, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2002
"Ozymandias" Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, N.Y. 1999/2000
"Love is a Difficult Subject", Old Museum Art Centre, Belfast, N. Ireland. 2000
"Tracey", Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Liverpool, England, 1999
"The Time of Our Lives", The New Museum of Contemporary Art, N.Y. 1999
"In Search of Air", Alternative Museum, N.Y. 1995
"Emerging Sculptors No. 8", Sculpture Center, N.Y. 1995
"P.S.1 International Studio Artists’ Exhibition", P.S.1 Museum, Long Island City. 1994

Grants, Awards, Residencies:
Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan. 2002
Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Fellowship. 2001
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. 1999
The Artists’ Work Program, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland. 1999
John-Michael Kohler Company, Wisconsin, Artist-in-Residence. 1998
Roswell Museum and Art Center, New Mexico. Artist-in-Residence. 1996-1997
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award. 1995
Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, P.S.1 International Studio Program. 1993-94

Susan and Michael Hort. Private collection.
Roswell Museum and Art Center, New Mexico.